Need business or marketing advice?

Our extensive marketing knowledge will help you to solve your business tasks. We have designed this service specifically for small and medium businesses.

What is marketing advice?

This is a consultationwith one of our bestexperts.

All you need is to choose the expert and meeting duration.

Price — $199 per hour
Taxes and fees not included.

When is marketing advice needed?

New product launch

We will analyze the product and the market to determine the best strategy for your product.

Enter a new market

We will help you understand how to penetrate the market most effectively and get the desired market share.

No marketing strategy or action plan

We will give suggestions on how to build an effective marketing strategy or help with the creation of a concrete action plan.

Business problem

We will discuss your business problems and recommend the best marketing tools to solve them.

Бізнес не розвивається

Проведемо діагностику вашого бізнесу. З'ясуємо причини низької динаміки росту бізнесу.

Lack of sales

We will analyze the situation and figure out why your product or service is lacking prospects/leads and conversions. Afterward, we'll come up with an effective solution.

Why should you trust us?

We have been helping businesses since 2011. We have helped 436 companies around the world: Europe, USA, Asia. Including well-known brands like Mastercard, Pepsi, Unilever, and many small and medium businesses. To offer effective solutions, we deeply explore every business and use proven scientific methodologies. But no worries anyway - you don't have to pay if you are not happy with the advice.

Who are our experts?

Roman Havrysh

Partner, strategy director

Co-founder, advertiser, marketer, strategist. For more than 10 years, Roman has been helping owners better understand and grow their businesses. Current lecturer and study program leader at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

Віталій Георгієв

директор зі стратегії

10 років у digital-комунікаціях та маркетингу. Допомагає бізнесу краще розуміти свого споживача та зростати швидше. Спікер галузевих конференцій, член журі міжнародної премії маркетингової ефективності EFFIE.

Our clients

Here are some of our clients. We work with companies around the world. We have wast experience in different business segments (b2b and b2c): e-commerce, legal firms, health care, banking and finance, retail, beauty industry, fashion, FMCG, etc.

Client feedback

Aimbulance understood our processes and the nature of the company better than anyone. The task Aimbulance took on was to create a new, breakthrough site for us, and they exceeded expectations. I highly recommend collaborating with Aimbulance if you need a new, high-quality, and sophisticated product.

Mykola Stetsenko

Co-Managing Partner

Our partnership with Aimbulance is second to none. It is one of the rare agencies on the market that has well-established processes and extensive expertise.

Oleksandr Karachevskyi


We are very grateful to the Aimbulance team for focusing on our problems, our pains, and our solutions. They took care of everything we needed from that important presentation to that well crafted key message. Yes, I can proudly say that the Aimbulance team exceeded our expectations.

Yuliia Hulevych

Sales and Marketing Director at
Arena CS

Aimbulance delighted me with the fact that they clearly understand what they are doing. The result was creative, cool, and high-quality.

Oleksii Shershnov

CEO of

I am thrilled with the results we are getting. We managed to switch to a new format and also switch to customer waves. This has been the most valuable part of working with Aimbulance.

Kostiantyn Lezhnin

Deputy Chairman of the Retail Business Board

I came to Aimbulance to research the target audience's needs because I didn't want to make a product for the sake of the product. I am grateful to the agency for saving our time and money for developing something unknown for somebody unknown.

Oleg Grytsynyak

English Student

How to get advice?



Choose an expert you find the best fitting to your task. Or contact us and we'll pick for you.



At the agreed time, we'll have a video-call or session. Usually, it takes 2-3 hours to get a proper result.



Don't worry about the money - you only pay if you are happy with the advice. Payment method - PayPal.

What are the meeting formats?

Our expert will recommend the best meeting format, depending on the specifics of your task.

Individual meeting

Strategy session

Do you need advice for your business?

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